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Make more enlightened decisions that match your reality.

Concerti automates and optimizes production business processes. Our team of experts is able to help you integrate best business practices and to adapt your complex processes. We use the Epicor solution because it provides customizable solutions that take into account your specific business challenges and technological issues.

Manage complex operations and make informed decisions more easily. Epicor takes care of the entire manufacturing process, from manufacturing, to distribution, to service.


Epicor Kinetic provides a real-time, global view of your manufacturing process. You will be able to visualize all stages of supply, production or delivery and make any adjustments that will generate better performance, in terms of both material and human resources.


Our comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) will enable you to see all stages of your supply chain clearly and to optimize it, from product entry to exit.


Professional services, finance, nonprofit and government organizations can improve the quality of their services and improve their profitability by accessing the right information at the right time. Among other things, you’ll be able to better manage business opportunities, your service offerings, your resources, your budget and your portfolio by using dashboards.

Concerti specializes in several manufacturing processes

Benefits for your business:

Global vision

Get a detailed view of the entire business, from the factory floor to management, from raw materials to finished products.

Thorough tracking

Track production and equipment in real time.

Integrated MES

With the Epicor data collection (MES), improve factory production, quality and customer service.

Lean management

Lighten your production methods, reduce waste and focus on customer satisfaction.

Agile and flexible management

Easily adapt to new production methods, customer needs and changing business strategies.

Return on capital invested

Reduce costs and streamline processes while increasing revenues and profits.


Communicate more easily with your internal teams as well as with your customers and suppliers through a single portal.

Concerti has over 20 years of expertise in the manufacturing process. We also have more than 70 manufacturing companies who trust us to help them with their daily challenges.