Epicor Kinetic solutions for the chemical products industry

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry

Concerti understands that your industry demands a high level of speed and flexibility, so that you can thrive in your market. Competition in your industry is strong and regulatory changes are frequent.

Epicor’s software solutions enable you to meticulously monitor your business activities. Epicor provides you with a comprehensive framework for managing product innovation with robust product data management, quality process controls, and full traceability.

Benefits for your business:

Manage the manufacture of increasingly-complex products

Epicor Kinetic provides complex product management capabilities to meet the level of innovation required by the industry, in addition to meeting the new set of regulatory requirements imposed by government and industry in terms of control and traceability.

Provide better-quality products to your customers

The Quality Assurance module gives you access to all quality functions, as well as materials inspection queues that give workers or inspectors the ability to have and take corrective actions. Plus, Epicor’s Product Configurator lets you manage your highly configurable products with an easy-to-use question and answer format.

Improve operational visibility

With Epicor’s integrated ERP technology, your business can eliminate redundant processes and improve information accuracy to provide better customer service and centralized operational management.

Support your international operations

Epicor Mattec MES has multi-site capabilities to meet your company’s local support needs. Be competitive both nationally and globally by bridging geographic diversity and eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain. This is possible thanks to technologies that streamline processes and the ability to communicate quickly both internally and inter-company.

Have flexible deployment options

As your business grows and changes, you need a solution that can grow and evolve with you. Modular in design, Epicor provides deployment flexibility as modules can be purchased and activated during the appropriate phases of implementation.

Maintain strong customer relationships

With the integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, we ensure that all communication with customers runs smoothly throughout the organization. Plus, with integrated request management and full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) collaboration, customer requests can be fulfilled in real-time. This will enable you to respond quickly to your customers’ needs and provide value-added services.

Case studies

Knightsbridge Chemicals

Knightsbridge Chemicals is a global company known for its innovative products and services engineered for a variety of industries. Founded in 1997, it continues to be a leader in chemical manufacture, oil and gas, renewable energy, beef genetics, and real estate.

The Knightsbridge Chemicals’ international operations are made up of multiple production sites and sales companies with regional and local employees. This facilitates the speedy adaptation of the company’s highly specialized product offering to suit local customers and market conditions.

Facilitate global expansion with centralized and reliable data
Growing global organization in need of a consolidated ERP system that has a strong manufacturing base with flexibility.
Ability to support business growth and diversity.
Offer reasonable total cost of ownership.
Offers support multiple geographical locations; and must be user-friendly.
Excellent business intelligence.
Up-to-the minute data availability strategic decision for making.
Facilitates growth and expansion.
Is a key part of Knightsbridge Chemical’s growth and prosperity.