Epicor Kinetic solutions for composite materials

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry

Concerti understands that your #1 priority to remain competitive is the efficiency of your processes. In an industry in which market opportunities are global in nature, customer price sensitivity is high and ever-shorter deadlines for launching new products loom over you.

If your business partners have high expectations of you and you need a solution to
help you manage your customers’ rigorous demands, then look to Epicor to support
simple and complex manufacturing plans, make-to-order, make-to-stock or mixed-method environments with a single, comprehensive system.

Benefits for your business:

Manage the manufacture of increasingly complex products

Epicor Kinetic offers complex product management capabilities to meet the level of innovation required by the industry, in addition to meeting the new set of regulatory requirements imposed by government and industry in terms of control and traceability.

Improve operational visibility

With Epicor’s integrated ERP technology, your business can eliminate redundant processes and improve information accuracy to provide better customer service and centralized operational management.

Make your castings profitable

Project management is easily deployed to manage the design, prototype and manufacture of new casting projects. In addition, two-way integration with Microsoft® Office® Project gives project managers an additional tool to easily manipulate the schedule and simplify the planning of any casting. In addition, the project milestones provide easy visibility of the state of progress.

Maintain strong customer relationships

With the integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, we ensure that all communication with customers runs smoothly throughout the organization. Plus, with integrated request management and full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) collaboration, customer requests can be fulfilled in real-time. This will enable you to respond quickly to your customers’ needs and provide value-added services.

Improve lead times and reduce waste with Lean methodologies

Epicor Mattec MES contains Kanban features to help manage the production line in an agile and flexible way. This way you can offer flexibility to your customers while providing a quality product with good profit margins.

Support your international operations

Epicor Mattec MES has multi-site capabilities to meet your company’s local support needs. Be competitive both nationally and globally by bridging geographic diversity and eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain. This is possible thanks to technologies that streamline processes and the ability to communicate quickly both internally and inter-company.

Case studies

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls operates 44 injection molding machines in its Kentucky-based plant. The molded parts manufactured are for various industries.

The company needed to automate its data collection to optimize its molded parts production cycle. Quality control was also an important part for Johnson Controls, as they supply several large companies.

Promote continuous improvement
A production environment with 44 injection molding machines.
Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC).
A significant amount of rejects and waste.
Underutilization of machinery.
Objective of doubling production efficiency.
Decreased waste by 1.37% (reduction in start-up waste by 23% and current waste by 27% over the past 7 years).
3.1% reduction in machine downtime.
13% improvement in conversion cost (cost of manufacturing each unit).
8% increase in overall productivity.
50% reduction in transition time.
Annual cost of quality control reduced by $600,000.