Epicor Kinetic solutions for machinery

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry

The machinery industry is a line of business that Concerti is devoted to. The challenges are different and requires stepping out of our comfort zone. Tool manufacturers’ solutions are constantly evolving. Designing custom tools is the key to your success.

Several steps are required as of the first contact with the customer to the installation of the equipment. Engineering, design, installation and after-installation service are all stages with unique requirements.

The Epicor for Industrial Machinery solution is tailored to your challenges and will help you keep your delivery promise.

Benefits for your business:

Maintain good relationships with your suppliers

Epicor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables the customer to be closely involved in the entire supply chain process through web-based customer portals by Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) .

Reduce your labour and material costs

Epicor for Industrial Machinery’s Lean management approach enables you to be flexible in your resource planning. Your business gains greater productivity and shorter turnaround times. You’ll always have inventory where you need it, when you need it.

Get an overview of your production

From design to manufacture, Epicor PLM enables you to simplify product lifecycle management by centralizing access to several documents. Help your team be proactive on a daily basis.

Produce high-quality products

The Quality Assurance module gives workers the ability to take corrective actions. Epicor’s Product Configurator also enables you to manage your highly-configurable products with an easy-to-use question and answer format.

Improve communication

By facilitating the sharing of information and perspectives between employees and departments, skills and knowledge can be pooled, resulting in faster problem resolution and project progress, while sparking new ideas.

Case studies

Enpress LLC

Eastlake-Ohio-based Enpress LLC manufactures pressure vessels made of composite materials that are used mainly in the water treatment industry. Enpress’ goal is to ensure that as soon as water enters a home or business, it is clean, sanitized and disinfected for safe use.

Enpress wanted a responsive, easy-to-use ERP solution, enabling better internal collaboration and better communication with its customers, and one that could be integrated with the current generation of new technologies.

Improve operational efficiency, collaboration and speed of implementation
Needed real-time data access to respond quickly to customer needs and improved efficiencies.
Required an ERP platform that was easy to manage and rapidly deployable.
Required a platform that improved communications and data flow enterprise-wide.
Real-time collaborative tools to communicate product updates and schedules across all departments.
More detailed data queries that provide a better insight on operational impacts.
Improved functionality and ease-to-use user interface offers immediate access to data.