Epicor Kinetic solutions for metallurgy

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry

Concerti understands that the pursuit of new opportunities, whether in new markets or driven by business performance, is the focus of metal fabricators’ concerns. Price sensitivity, the volatility of the cost of raw materials and the shortening of product lifecycles are impacting the metallurgy industry’s already slim margins.

Epicor for Fabricated Metals enables you to manage your industry’s demands by supporting simple to complex construction plans, make-to-order, make-to-stock or mixed-method environments with a unique and comprehensive solution.

Benefits for your business:

Improve operational visibility

With Epicor’s integrated ERP technology, your business can eliminate redundant processes and improve information accuracy to provide better customer service and centralized operational management.

Customize your data

Epicor for Fabricated Metals’ modular design provides deployment flexibility because modules can be purchased and activated during the appropriate phases of implementation.

Maintain strong customer relationships

With the built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, we ensure that all communication with customers runs smoothly throughout the organization. This will enable you to respond quickly to your customers’ requests and provide value-added services.

Reduce costs

When using the “just-in-time” supply method, it is important to keep an eye on your inventory. That’s why Epicor for Fabricated Metals helps you forecast, and control Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and offers purchase suggestions to provide time-phased material control to reduce inventory.

Produce accurate quotes

The accuracy of quotes is important to your company’s profitability. Epicor offers a cost estimation module: labour, materials, external services and engineering are taken into account, in addition to your projects’ profitability history.

Manage the manufacture of complex products

Epicor Kinetic provides complex product management capabilities to meet the level of innovation required by the industry, in addition to meeting the new set of regulatory requirements imposed by government and industry in terms of control and traceability.

Case studies

Dalsin Industries

Dalsin Industries is a precision metals manufacturer that prides itself on being an extension of its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers. Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, the company provides metal fabrication solutions. Their expertise is comprised of a unique blend of experienced staff, stamping equipment and automated CNC fabrication/assembly. They also provide design services to reduce product manufacturing costs and to optimize the precision, form and function of the product.

Formerly an Epicor customer, Dalsin tried an alternate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for a while, only to revert to Epicor ERP. “We eventually figured out that we couldn’t track our costs on work orders as accurately on this system,” said Jeff Dalsin, IT Business Analyst for Dalsin Industries.

Improve productivity and cost management
Find a reliable and easy-to-use ERP solution.
Efficiently monitor production costs in real time.
Built a solid foundation for industry 4.0. with seamless sharing of downstream and upstream. Information Into the ERP system across the factory floor.
Real-time data gave a 360-degree view of the entire business with real-time dashboards.
Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and customer relationship management (CRM) modules helped identify business opportunities with existing customers.