We understand how companies here operate and we have the expertise to support you with your projects and advise you on technology while at the same time respecting your values.

The professionals who make up our team come from a wide range of business backgrounds and boast an average of 15 years’ experience. Whether it is for setting up ERP software or harnessing your business information, our certified employees are available to assist you.


Our team follows Epicor’s rigorous Signature Methodology when implementing Epicor ERP software.

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Project Management

Our management framework is designed to structure and keep a tight handle on your projects.

Business Process Optimization

We can map your processes to help identify shortfalls and determine the adjustments required to optimally meet your needs.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence or BI consists of an array of technologies and processes aimed at simplifying and enhancing how companies use information.


We understand the complexities and issues at stake in project management. But with a 100% success rate since our inception, we’re confident that we can see your project through to a successful conclusion.


You won’t have to deal with all kinds of consultants and service providers. Concerti has all the technical personnel you need to personalize your Epicor software.


Our employees are certified by Epicor and can provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your Epicor ERP products.


Concerti partners with your company for the long term, so you can benefit from a team that is ready to support you as your needs evolve.