Focus on people to succeed in an ERP project

At Concerti, we literally put ourselves into your shoes.

Your team is dedicated to its ERP project, and we are committed to being part of the whole. Above all, an ERP implementation is a human-centred project that involves all your company’s resources and requires a significant level of effort. We apply the best practices in project management and change management, all with respect for your team and your corporate culture.

Concerti will not shy away from any problems you may experience during the implementation process. Our advisors do everything in their power to foster a climate of openness, collaboration and curiosity that is necessary for an ERP implementation project’s success.


Requirements discovery

Scope definition


Project initiation

Process review

Project and resources plan


Foundation education


Business procedures

Proof of concept


User acceptance testing

(Preparation, test, analysis)


End-user training

Deployment / Go Live

Project closure

Post Go Live support

Honor your expertise and increase your competitive advantage

An ERP implementation must be done in accordance with your corporate culture; what sets you apart in your market is valued. As experts in manufacturing, we make it our duty to master your business field in order to provide you with personalized service, adapted to your business reality.

Thanks to our methodology – combining business analysis, process reengineering, application training and consulting services – we make sure to align Epicor Kinetic with your business processes. Our seasoned team will support you to develop and maintain good practices in manufacturing management and information systems.

Putting the power of ERP into your hands

We understand that each industry has its challenges and its particularities, which enables you to stand out and prosper. Because the Epicor Kinetic technology platform is highly configurable, we help your team literally put ERP into your hands. A trained superuser can thus optimize user interfaces, set up personalized workflows, and design interactive dashboards.

Our experienced team can also help you carry out more complex work, whether to create advanced functionalities, entire modules or to integrate systems and Automated devices with ERP.

Our team is dedicated to growing with you to help you achieve your business goals. There’s a good reason that 96% of our customers continue to partner with us every year!

Take a unique look at your project

Concerti’s team members come from a variety of complementary business backgrounds, such as engineering, IT, business management, accounting, and much more. This is what enables us to leverage all of our skills and experience for your project’s benefit. In addition, being a local company, we understand the reality and the issues surrounding the Quebec market.

Teaming up and enriching our work

To plan the ERP implementation, our advisors will come to your premises to understand your business reality and to learn about your processes and operations. They will visit you at your offices and factories, see the different departments and speak with interested parties. Through social events, happy hours or lunchtime meetings, our team will intermingle with yours. We’re available and ready to jump into the heat of the action. We’ll ensure that you have the human and material resources, as well as the knowledge to accomplish your mission.