Epicor Kinetic

Optimize your business management with an ERP designed for your industry

Minimize operating costs and facilitate decision-making by combining your expertise and your company’s competitive advantage when you have the Epicor Kinetic solution. Epicor’s technological platform will help you significantly improve your productivity, and our goal is to help you become a leader in your market.

What you’ll get with Epicor Kinetic


Collaborate with everyone in your business locally and remotely.

Facilitate access and exchange information within the Epicor Collaborate social network.

Strengthen the bond ? with your customers and facilitate direct communications with your business.


Deploy your Epicor Kinetic solution locally or on the cloud (SaaS).

Access your ERP system data, information and dashboards from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Customize the software package to meet your technological needs.


Increase your performance by establishing real-time direct links between your customers, your suppliers and your operations.

Accelerate transaction execution while ensuring meticulous tracking.

Personalize each of your users’ environments according to their needs.


Improve the user experience on your IT platforms.

Convert complex data into useful and accessible information in real time.

Integrate your business IT software with Microsoft components from Epicor Kinetic.




Business intelligence and

Epicor Kinetic supports the creation of a high-performance culture within your business. It helps you answer 4 crucial questions: “What happened?”, “Why did it happen?”, “What is happening?” and “What will happen?”.

Manage and analyze your business

Simplify your decision-making with Epicor Kinetic by having a data-driven business. Get quick responses and explore data, convert the data into actionable information, and stay connected with your operations in real time.

Manage multi-site and
multinational companies

The Epicor Kinetic solution supports companies that operate on several sites and beyond national borders. Manage multiple entities of your business as it grows, acquires other companies and becomes more complex.

Optimize your business management with Epicor Kinetic

Epicor HCM (Human Capital Management) supports all functions related to your company’s human capital. Help your employees focus on strategic initiatives that will ensure the sustainability of your business.

Epicor Kinetic offers industry-specific financial management software solutions. Monitor and clean up all financial aspects of your business, from journal entries to sophisticated financial reporting, all fully integrated into your manufacturing operations.

Efficiently manage your entire customer lifecycle with Epicor Kinetic. From prospecting to after-sales service, including financial data, you’ll get a complete picture of all the components that make up your customer relationships.

Epicor Kinetic helps you produce and integrate your sales forecasts into your operations, automate sales activities, and stay connected to your customers using our B2B / B2C portal. As a specialist in the sale of custom products, take advantage of the benefits provided by the product configurator that is perfectly integrated into the estimates, quoting and sales modules.

Designed for manufacturers and custom specialists, Epicor Kinetic helps you improve efficiency and collaboration throughout your products’ lifecycles. Optimize your designers’ time using our two-way integration with your CAD models, and simplify your operations with our online document management solution.

The Epicor Kinetic system itself is a robust project management solution. Implement a project management that penetrates all areas of your business and eliminate delays and cost overruns.

Epicor Kinetic helps you allocate, plan, and schedule your business resources (human, machinery and equipment) to maximize their use. Obtain optimal performance and profitability, and give yourself every chance to deliver your products on time.

The Epicor Kinetic ERP software includes several solutions to optimize your supply chain. Get an overall and accurate view of your supply requirements, avoid inventory shortages, take advantage of economies of scale and be connected with your suppliers.

The Epicor Kinetic solution enables you to successfully meet the challenges of Make-to-Order (MTO), Configure-to-Order (CTO), Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Make-to-Stock (MTS), or the combination of these production methods.

Epicor Kinetic integrates service management software so that you can coordinate all processes of your customer service centres. You can therefore guarantee the best use of resources and equipment, and above all, provide an improved service to satisfy and retain your customers.