Epicor Kinetic solutions for medical equipment

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry

Concerti understands that companies in your industry face a unique set of challenges. Whether your business creates a single component or supplies an OEM manufacturer, we’re able to help you. We use the latest technologies that help us simultaneously manage long product development cycles and complex traceability requirements. This in order to reduce the risks inherent in these activities.

Epicor for Medical Devices provides a comprehensive framework to manage product innovation with robust management of manufactured item data, quality process controls and full production traceability.

Benefits for your business:

Manage the manufacture of increasingly-complex products

Epicor Kinetic has complex product management capabilities to meet the level of innovation required by the industry, in addition to meeting the new set of regulatory requirements imposed by government and industry in terms of control and traceability.

Support your international operations

Epicor for Medical Devices Epicor Mattec MES has multi-site capabilities to meet your company’s local support needs. Be competitive both nationally and globally by bridging geographic diversity and eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain. This is possible thanks to technologies that streamline processes and the ability to communicate quickly both internally and inter-company.

Manage rapid growth

From initial design to test plans, quotations, marketing and sales, production and planning, sourcing and purchasing, quality and delivery, and finally financial recognition, Epicor for Medical Devices has the built-in tools to help you in your initiatives to grow your business profitably, while improving operational visibility and efficiency.

Have flexible deployment options

As your business grows and changes, you need a solution that can grow and evolve with you. Epicor for Medical Devices’ modular design provides deployment flexibility as modules can be purchased and activated during the appropriate phases of implementation.

Provide better quality products to your customers

The Quality Assurance module gives you access to all quality functions, as well as materials inspection queues that provide workers or inspectors the ability to take corrective actions. Plus, Epicor’s Product Configurator lets you manage your highly configurable products with an easy-to-use question and answer format.

Maintain strong customer relationships

With the integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, we ensure that all communication with customers runs smoothly throughout the organization. Plus, with integrated request management and full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) collaboration, customer requests can be fulfilled in real-time. This will enable you to respond quickly to your customers’ needs and provide value-added services.

Case studies

Kinematic Automation Inc.

Located in California, Kinematic has been a global supplier of automated manufacturing systems for the medical industry since 1980. The company develops state-of-the-art, small and large-scale custom manufacturing systems built to the medical industry’s exacting standards and strict compliance requirements, using lean manufacturing principles.

The company needed an ERP solution capable of supporting its build-to-order environment, capable of responding quickly to customer needs and capable of integrating with Kinematic’s SolidWorks CAD/CAM software.

Improve meeting delivery deadlines and streamline order processing
Required strong ERP capabilities in the manufacturing industry to support its low-volume, made-to-order production environment.
Required real-time data access to improve efficiency, collaboration and overall responsiveness.
Had to be up and running within a tight, five-month deadline.
Improved functionality and user-friendliness of the user interface provides immediate access to data.
Improved accuracy, collaboration, cycle times and delivery times.
Improved efficiency to support a greater production volume using existing resources.
New, robust reporting capabilities resulted in the personalized dashboard system being removed.