Epicor Kinetic solutions for specialty rolling stock

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry.

The specialty vehicle industry is growing. Technological advances and manufacturing mean that current vehicles can be modified for specific uses. This customization requires great versatility. Concerti masters this expertise and has solutions adapted to this sector.

Epicor for Automotive is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built from the ground up using 100% Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and 100% Microsoft® technology infrastructure.

Each module of Epicor for Automotive is available as a set of services that should be easily accessible by your business partners’ systems without a complicated Application Programming Interface (API).

Benefits for your business:

Manage the manufacture of increasingly-complex products

Epicor Kinetic provides complex product management capabilities to meet the level of innovation required by the industry, in addition to meeting the new set of regulatory requirements imposed by government and industry in terms of control and traceability.

Make it easy to understand data

To help your teams work efficiently, Epicor provides a cutting-edge user interface that looks and acts like the latest Microsoft Windows® applications to which they’re accustomed. They’ll also be able to personalize their dashboards, in addition to viewing them on a computer or mobile device.

Improve lead times and reduce waste with Lean methodologies

The Epicor Kinetic EMI system contains Kanban features to help manage the production line in an agile and flexible way. This way you can offer flexibility to your customers while providing a quality product with good profit margins.

Manage rapid growth

From initial design to testing plans, quotes, marketing and sales, production and planning, sourcing and purchasing, quality and delivery, and finally financial recognition, Epicor for Automotive has the built-in tools to assist you in your initiatives to grow your business profitably, while improving operational visibility and efficiency.

Produce accurate quotes

The accuracy of quotes is important to the profitability of your business. Epicor has a cost estimation module that considers labour, materials, external services, and engineering, in addition to your projects’ profitability history.

Support your international operations

Epicor Mattec MES has multi-site capabilities to meet your company’s local support needs. Be competitive both nationally and globally by bridging geographic diversity and eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain. This is possible thanks to technologies that streamline processes and the ability to communicate quickly both internally and inter-company.

Case studies

SKF Automotive Bearing Co. LTD

SKF (AB Svenska Kullagerfabriken) was founded in 1907, with headquarters and a laboratory in Gothenburg, Sweden, and an R&D center in the Netherlands.

SKF is the leading global supplier in its field, offering products, customer solutions, and services for rolling bearings, seals, and specialty steel. SKF is a global supplier of high-efficiency ball bearings and serves the rolling stock sector from tramways to electric cars.

Exceed customer expectations with superior quality products
Improve information processing.
Improve production precision.
Automating manufacturing processes.
Modular architecture.
Low-cost solutions for mid-market companies with effective technical support.
Rich functionalities and flexibilities.
Highly-scalable system.