Epicor Kinetic solutions for electrical and electronic components

Concerti helps you stay competitive in a challenging industry

At Concerti, we understand that in the electrical and electronic components industry, your business must be the first to seize certain opportunities and market them in order to maximize profit.

With finished products typically having a lifecycle of six months or less and competition from all over the world, you need to optimize your planning, production, purchasing, sales, and after-sales processes to be more flexible and agile than your competition.

To excel and keep pace with the industry, you’ll need a flexible ERP that will provide real-time data so you can make decisions as quickly as possible.

Benefits for your business:

Support your business processes

Epicor for Electronics and High Tech provides a comprehensive framework for managing product innovation with product item data management, quality process controls and product traceability. Gone are the days of rapid obsolescence of created goods: streamline and adopt new technologies to automate your business processes to increase your competitiveness and reduce waste.

Keep pace with your industry and minimize risks

Epicor for Electronics and High Tech enables efficient and accurate demand planning, forecasting and scheduling to ensure reliable inventory levels to meet customer expectations and minimize risks.

Lean production

Epicor For Electronics and High Tech contains Kanban features to help manage the production chain and services in an agile way. This way you can offer flexibility to your customers while providing a quality product with good profit margins.

Maintain strong customer relationships

With the integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, we ensure that all communication with customers runs smoothly throughout the organization. You’ll be able to respond quickly to your customers’ requests and provide value-added services, in addition to having a better view of the workflow.

Customize your data

As your needs or those of your customers evolve, Epicor for Electronics and High Tech offers deployment flexibility, as modules can be purchased and activated during the appropriate phases of implementation.

Support your international operations

Epicor for Electronics and High Tech has multi-site capabilities to meet your company’s local support needs. Be competitive both nationally and globally by bridging geographic diversity and eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain. This is possible thanks to technologies that streamline processes and the ability to communicate quickly both internally and inter-company.

Case studies

Big Ass Solutions

Big Ass Solutions, located in Kentucky, USA, first rose to prominence by selling huge ceiling fans that spin slowly but move remarkable amounts of air through aerodynamic designs. Recently, the company also introduced a line of LED lighting fixtures as well as residential fans.

Big Ass Solutions wanted to replace their ERP solution that was unable to adapt quickly enough to the company’s growth. Epicor was able to demonstrate to them that it was able to keep pace with the business and that it was able to support a complex product.

Achieve significant management savings
To streamline production for a rapidly-growing manufacturer.
To identify potential supply chain savings in order to reduce production costs.
Epicor ERP's PO Suggestion function identifies potential savings in the supply chain and helps make it happen.
Push/pull functionality enables the company to make changes to production schedules in real time.
Allowed for growth through procurement solutions.
A large repository of supplier data drives growth through sourcing solutions.