About Concerti

Access better information about your operations with a partner who listens to your issues and challenges.

As a certified Epicor Kinetic partner, Concerti facilitates business process optimization for SMEs and large companies working mainly in the manufacturing sector—from the first contact with the customer to delivery of the final product, including operations, sales, finance and human resources.

Using Epicor Kinetic solutions that match your reality, you can optimize your business process management, make smarter decisions and grow your business.


An expert since 2002

In the early 2000s, Robert Charbonneau and Daniel Dumoulin were working to produce information to help SMEs implement business intelligence and business intelligence solutions. Through their many years of experience, they discovered that companies have a great need for information to enable them to make sound decisions.

SME executives wanted to access data, analyze it and convert it into information that could be used in their decision-making processes. They also needed better visibility of their factory operations. At the same time, their IT systems didn’t meet their expectations and there was no affordable business intelligence solution for SMEs.

“We were looking for ways to generate data for regular measurements. It constantly brought us back to ERP systems, ERPs that our customers had implemented and the data that these software packages could deliver. In some cases, we had to relocate certain ERP modules, because the company was looking for information for which it did not have the data for. We then returned to the drawing board in terms of software. It was also necessary to make recommendations to managers so that they implemented ways to collect data from their employees”, explains Charbonneau.

Concerti was founded with the intention of offering consulting services to SMEs that wanted to tackle their growth by making informed decisions. Concerti has since become a firm specializing in the implementation and optimization of ERP solutions.

Concerti’s leadership is demonstrated in the constant growth that the company has experienced for many years. Today, we are fortunate to be able to collaborate with more than 85 manufacturing companies in Quebec, and our team is composed of nearly 50 professionals.

Our mission

To advise and support companies in their business processes optimization by integrating innovative IT solutions.

In an increasingly competitive and complex world, making fast, fair decisions is the key element in your company’s economic growth. Concerti supports manufacturing companies that want to take advantage of information technology to support their growth.

Our focus is to help manufacturing companies optimize their production processes to improve their:






We are committed to guiding and supporting your teams to achieve their objectives as well as to deliver quality work. To do this, understanding your business and technical issues becomes the cornerstone of our work and our expertise.


Our team’s skills are used both in our business activities and in our working relationships. We want to build a solid and lasting business relationship, by always giving you an accurate picture of the project and by being available to you.

Respect for the corporate culture

We want to help you move forward, not to change you. Concerti understands that each company has unique values ​​and ways of doing things. This is why we work with respect for your corporate culture while showing you the added-value of best business practices.

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