About Concerti

Founded in 1992, the Concerti Group has been helping small and medium-size businesses achieve their objectives for years by providing advice, services, and tools to enhance their efficiency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advise and assist companies in optimizing their business processes by integrating cutting edge information technology solutions.

Our Values

Active Engagement

We don’t just deliver quality work that meets your requirements, we strive to truly understand your business issues and needs, drawing on our experience to ensure your goals are fully met.


Business relationships take time to build, which is why we work so hard to nurture customer ties and exceed your expectations. We take pride in fixing issues as soon as they arise, keeping you informed about project status, and providing timely answers to all of your questions.

Respect for Workplace Cultures

Every company has its own values, history, and way of doing things. At Concerti, we understand and respect the role of your business culture, even as we work to show you how best practices can add value to your operations.

Our Expertise

Over the years Concerti has developed in-depth knowledge of Epicor products and achieved recognition as a leader for your new technology–based process optimization projects.

We are proud to partner with Epicor, which allows us to offer innovative products and new services to our customers.

Through our work in different sectors of the economy and in a wide variety of workplace cultures, we have acquired extensive expertise and knowledge that can help your business improve its practices.


Robert Charbonneau
Robert Charbonneau
President / Senior Consultant
Daniel Dumoulin
Daniel Dumoulin
Vice President, Operations / Senior Consultant


Hugues Aubuchon
Hugues Aubuchon
Associate Director of Technology Architecture
Benoît Gagnon
Benoît Gagnon
Associate Director of Implementation
Pascal Boisvert
Pascal Boisvert
Associate Technology & Business Intelligence Architect
Martin Belleau
Martin Belleau
Associate Director of Customer Service
Jean Charron
Jean Charron
Account Manager (sales)

And a group of some twenty dynamic employees with expertise in accounting, manufacturing, industrial engineering, project management, and IT, all standing by to help put your ideas into action.

Our Strategy

Assemble a team of business and technology experts under one roof to:

  • Assist our clients with their information system integration projects
  • Help them optimize existing software and solutions
  • Integrate solutions into business processes
  • Recommend good technology practices
  • Recommend good business practices (process review)